About the System

Countries being the members of that system achieve this aim by creating on the basis of the provisions of the Geneva UN Recommendations (Recommendation No. 5 on of Motorist Insurance Against Third Party Risks- from 01/25/1949 onwards) the system of bilateral agreements under which the International Insurance Certificate (Green Card) is recognized by governments, which National Bureaux belong to the System- no additional paperwork and fees requested- as evidence of liability insurance under the law of insurance in force in their countries.

Management system - the Council of Bureaux is established by National Bureaux of the Member States of the System.

The Green Card System is basically a European system; for now it gathers almost all European insurance markets and insurance markets of Iran, Israel, Marocco and Tunisia. Prerequisite for entry into the system is the existence in the State whose National Bureau is the candidate, of compulsory liability insurance of motor vehicles and the establishment of the National Bureau representing the insurance market.

Currently, Green Card System consists of 47 National Bureaux.

Multilateral Agreement operates within the Green Card System; under this Agreement drivers of vehicles registered in countries which the National Bureaux are the signatories to the Agreement may enter the territories of these coutries without a Green Card certificate. In this case, it is presumed they have a valid motor third party liability insurance concluded in the country where the vehicle is registered – that is evidenced by valid licence plate of the vehicle. The Multilateral Agreement consists of 32 out of 48 members of the Green Card System, including the Polish Motor Insurers’ Bureau.

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