Accident statement form

Even the most experienced driver is likely to get involved in a collision as it may be brought about by other road users. Undeniably, it is always quite an unpleasant and stressful situation. Therefore, it is advisable to be prepared for such incident and prior to setting off on a journey, a driver is supposed to know the answer to the following questions:

  • how to describe the course of a possible accident to the insurer?
  • how to communicate with an offender who does not speak Polish?
  • how to report the accident which takes place abroad?

If the accident takes place in Poland and nobody is injured or killed, there is no need for the police intervention. The only thing that ought to be done in such situation is to draw up, together with the offender, the accident statement.

In case the accident happens abroad, however, the procedures may vary depending on the country. There are some countries where calling the police whenever there's an accident is compulsory.

However, in most European countries such procedures are not necessary.

No matter where the accident takes place, Joint Notification of Loss shared below seems to be very useful and helpful in order to describe the course and circumstances of the accident. Having it at hand may help the drivers involved a lot of unnecessary stress and save their time.

Thanks to it, both drivers are able to describe the circumstances and confirm their versions by signing the form which is universal and has been prepared in both Polish and English versions.

It is also advisable to take a photo of the offender's vehicle (so that the registration number can be seen) as well as the insurance details (policy number and the name of the insurer).


Polish version (PL)

Polish/English version (PL/EN)

Polish/Ukrainian version (PL/UA)

If the accident takes place in Poland, one should also check the PBUK website and find out which company the offender is insured by and whether the company has a nominated correspondent in Poland. If it does, report the claim to this entity. In case the offender's insurer does not have its correspondent, please contact PZU S.A. or TUiR Warta S.A. and report the claim to one of the them. If, however, it is not possible to establish the offender's insurer, please contact PBUK.

In case the accident happens abroad, legal proceedings depend on the laws and regulations in force in the country where the accident occurs. In most European countries, in case of a minor collision (no fatalities or injured people) there is no such obligation as to call the police to intervene. It is sufficient for the drivers to draw up common accident statement and sign it. Proper steps to be taken in such situation has also been described and are to be found on PBUK website.